April 21st, 2006

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The Mancunians: Commercial Break

It's that time in a show. The first season has drawn to an end. There was a cliffhanger and you're all hanging off it by your finger nails waiting for the second season to be aired. The internet sites are humming with spoilers. What could possibly happen? What will happen to pregnant Lynda? Will the tension between Harry and Rosalind ever be resolved? What about Oscar and Dolly and Sophie? Fanficcers are getting carried away with pointless smut fics between characters who would never get it on in the actual season. You know I read a Tom/Dick hurt/comfort fic the other day... *reminisces* Utterly bizarre. The things fans get up to when they have to wait. I mean, if you're going to write gay sex you'd think they'd at least do it between characters that are actually gay. Ah well...

It's time for the commercial break between seasons!

The Commercial Break

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