May 14th, 2006

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The Mancunians, Season Two, Episode Two

Romance. It's like a car crash. I mean, everyone wants to get closer hypocritically thinking they're not remotely perverted, and then when they do, they discover it's nothing but blood and tears. Anyway! That's totally irrelevant to The Mancunians! To be honest, the more we progress through this show, once hailed as a "gritty and realistic account of Manchester life", the more I realise that pretty much nothing is relevant to it. So, without much ado, onto the next episode!

Season Two, Episode Two: The One with the Three Boyfriends

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The Mancunians is sponsored by McDonalds, joined in evil corporate collaboration with gyms across the country to rip off Mancunians everywhere.

Newsflash: Congratulations to Becks Davidson age 15 from Luton who won our deleted scene writing competition, with an interior monologue from Oscar after he had come out. She's going to guest write next week's episode! Don't forget to tune in!

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