September 20th, 2006

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The Mancunians, Season Two, Episode Three

Newsflash: That random 15 year old girl who won our competition to write the next episode of The Mancunians was ditched because her plot was too implausible. Dick was wearing leather trousers, there was a new American character called Artemis whom everyone fell in love with despite the fact that everyone was now gay. This simply wasn't on (though Oscar liked the gay bit, and declared his love for Harry). After all, The Mancunians prides itself on its realism. As it is, here's the next episode!

This episode guest stars DR. YEWSLEZ.

Season Two, Episode Three: The One with All the Plot Development

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The Mancunians is sponsored by McDonalds, joined in evil corporate collaboration with gyms across the country to rip off Mancunians everywhere.

Disclaimer: Syldavia and Borduria belong to that genius of the bande-desinée, Hergé.

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