January 14th, 2007

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The Mancunians, Season Two, Episode Five

I'm on a roll, baby. But it gets darker. Hidden aspects of personalities begin to appear, doubts surface, secrets that lay quietly unmentioned force their way into public conscience and tragedy hovers like a balloon from Est Est Est stuck to the ceiling. And that's just real life.

If you click this link, things will not be the same when you return to the light...

This episode guest stars HARRY'S GIRLFRIEND.

Season Two, Episode Five: The One with Harry's Girlfriend

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The Mancunians is sponsored by WKD Vodka because, dur, product placement.

Newsflash: Viewers now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to The Mancunians. Please submit a line from a musical that you would like included in either Episode Six or Episode Seven, the two parter episode. Terms and conditions under the cut.Collapse )

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