June 20th, 2011

Matthew and Mary

The Change in the Game

Title: The Change in the Game
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Author: Silvestria
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: “Peace on earth and goodwill towards men – and that includes cousin Matthew.” It is Christmas 1913 and there are games to be played. Matthew/Mary crack-fic with a heart. And vampires. And Pride and Prejudice. And mistletoe.
Genre: Humour/Romance

Disclaimers: 1. I stole the title from Bones. 2. Lady Grantham (Bex) kindly allowed me to borrow her Cora-is-a-vampire idea. Thank you very much! 3. The Jane Austen mis-quotes belong to, er, Jane Austen. 4. The inclusion of Matthew reading "A Night Before Christmas" was on the insistence of clunkhall who also very kindly beta-ed and reassured me that Matthew is not behaving like a massive lunatic. (Just a medium-sized one.)

I hope you enjoy and do leave a comment if you do, so that I can feel justified in spending half my weekend listening "Fairytale of New York" on repeat.

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